‘P R A K R I T I’~ an installation!



 According to our Indian mythology and belief, life and the various species have originated by the combination of planetary globes and the five manifestations of nature namely Air, Water, Fire, Land and Sky known as the Pancha Bhootam…!
The installation titled ‘Prakriti’ or Nature, resembles the form of the Mother, the ultimate provider. The ‘Pancha Bhootam’ concept without the actual Fire has Air, Earth, Water and the Sky, all absorbed into the installation to bring out a tranquil view of the total environment inspiring and all set to enthuse a sound ‘Mind, body and Soul’..!
How it evolved into a waterfall: (February~September 2013) 
Some huge boulders came along with the earth filling for our children park. Next day we could see quite a few of these marvellous pieces of rocks scattered here and there. In my mind I thought of juxtaposing those into some Art form. These could add some beauty to our Vidyalaya surroundings!
Thus with some great hands around to support my first ever attempt towards Installation Art, we collected some selective pieces from those scattered around, arranging in my mind to arrive at the final form resembling the human body.
Special thanks however go to Mr. K. Alung Khumba, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya NFR Maligaon, who agreed to support the project and to all my students and colleagues who took a curious look during the development, from the rusty rocks to a living waterfall. Finally we could set up a water body at the entrance of the Vidyalaya where from September 2013 would be a waterfall to welcome us all!
The dream has now fast turning into a reality. The waterfall has finally taken shape, and this spot at the entrance of the school is becoming full of activities. Beautiful Dragon flies have started coming and in the days to come will add to the another passion ‘Macro Photography’…!