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Aminul Haque: Through Spontaneous rhythm, colour and form

The virtual rhythmic movements through subtle colours, translating lucid poetry through visual imagery that enthrals the viewer as he moves from one expression to another, is Aminul Haque’s reflection from life, expressed through simple form and content.

My attachment to a veteran’s enormous spontaneous creativity that revealed the obsession of an independent mind and his poetic thoughts as I got the opportunity to focus my camera to record the expressions in the varied sizes of canvas and themes, for his exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi from 11 to17 February 2017, and I dared to write my experience for his catalogue. please click the link to read the complete article…

Times of India, Guwahati 21 November 2016

The mystical Nongkrem Dance Festival of Meghalaya

It was a bright autumn afternoon with the cold winter just around the corner with the occasional short spells of chilling winter breeze flowing an overcast sky of 4th November 2015, I along with two colleagues of my school Ms Lamare and Mr Gautam, set to visit the two day Nongkrem Dance Festival at SMIT, about six kilometres from Kendriya Vidyalaya Air Force Station, Laitkor Peak, Shillong.

It was my first experience of witnessing live the amazing traditional dance form. Our guide for this tour was my senior colleague Ms. Lamare, who narrated the history of the Nongkrem dance and its significance. Her invaluable inputs have been very helpful for my write up.

The Nongkrem Dance Festival of Meghalaya is celebrated during autumn at Smit, the cultural centre of the Khasi Hills. The two day celebration is the most popular festival for the inhabitants of Khasi hills. It can be termed as a grand carnival that involves flow of wealth, sacrifice of animals and an environment of religious fervour. The venue of the festival celebration is SMIT, an agricultural hamlet about 11km from the main town Shillong partially on the Jowai-Laitumbai Highway.

The Nongkrem dance form is associated with the religious beliefs of the Khasi people, and is an annual event in the Khasi hills. This festival locally named Ka Pomblang Nongrem, which over the years has been popularly termed as Nongkrem dance Festival. Nongkrem Dance Festival is performed to appease the all-powerful Goddess Ka Blei Synshar for a rich bumper harvest and prosperity of the people. for more reading please click on link.

Times of India Guwahati Edition: 30 November 2015


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Photography: A diversified present and a multi-dimensional future…!

When Sir John Herschel in a lecture before the Royal Society of London, on March 14, 1839 who made the word “photography” known to the world. Little did he realise that ‘Photography’ would be amongst the greatest inventions of mankind coming a long way with innovation and continuous transformation of engineering marvel and excellence in image making with precision and belief. When we look back to the long exiting journey this medium has overcome. The combination of Art and Science has indeed travelled a long way, maturing skills and techniques worldwide. Over the years the photographic form has undergone immense transformation in terms of content and has been customised with the changing needs and demands. Photographic equipments have changed shape and type over the period of time, and is still in the process of refinement… more reading please click on link. Photography: A diversified present and a multi-dimensional future…!

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

Undoubtedly what vestiges of a civilization are in the form of art and cultural heritage as architecture and monuments. Yet! The urge to keep up the physical existence of the human race is in the struggle to win over nature and contribution to artistic pursuits remain as a development of the intellectual mind that run through parallel with the race for survival… for more reading please click on the link Editorial for 31st Edition of Chihna 2011 :

Remembering my father: ASUDEV

My early days: Memories of my father goes back to my school days in early 70’s. One day after I returned from my school like all youngsters I was sitting on the top of the gate pillar of our house at Newfield, watching a football match played there. He was at that time painting ‘Symphony’ in his makeshift studio in what usually was supposed to be the drawing room of the undivided joint family. His working space kept on changing as I saw him painting …. more reading

During my last visit to Mysore,as part of the KVS-Oracle Education Foundation PLI INDIA 2010, where I had been a Facilitator for the in-class teacher training program at KVS ZIET Mysore. I was fortunate enough, coaxed by a friend, Ashok, a wildlife enthusiast to make a short yet memorable trip one evening to this amazing sanctuary. I, too, was looking for an opening to discover the options available on my new DSLR camera. As the opportunity came up, we were on to explore this wonderful scenic, out of the world experience, though short, yet unforgettable trip… more reading