My journey as a MIE Expert

My Poster for MIE Expert 2015
My Poster designed for my project on Save the Great Indian One horned Rhinoceros and has been selected for Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2015

I am Anutosh Deb, and I am an Art Teacher working since 1995 in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan a K-12 school organisation under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

My first opportunity to experiment with ICT was during a school teacher training program conducted by Intel, with ‘Intel Teach to the Future’ way back in 2002.

Till then my work in ICT was very much around Microsoft Paint and some un-organised work on PowerPoint and Excel apart from MS Word was what I had been exploring with guidance from my colleagues here and there. But my interest to add the designing and artistic elements to the work caught the attention of my administrators. Some of whom encouraged me to explore in a systematic way. I attended a session conducted by Microsoft India and later participated in Microsoft Project Shiksha. I started participating in ITLA and was awarded with Regional and Zonal prizes consecutively for couple of years. In the meantime there emerged the opportunity to work with Oracle Education Foundation on a program Thinkquest.

At the Microsoft Global Forum, Barcelona with Anthony Salcito, Vice President for Microsoft Education.

At the Microsoft Global Forum, Barcelona with  Mr. Anthony Salcito, Vice President for Microsoft Education.

In November 2013, I received a phone call from Microsoft India, informing me that I was selected as the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and was to represent India at the Microsoft Global Forum in Barcelona in March 2014. My journey as a MIE Expert thus begun with this recognition long waited. Being selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, opened new Windows into coming in contact with Innovative Educators globally. The exposure of meeting global educators and participating at the amazing sessions during the Global forum has been a lifelong learning experience.

The association with Microsoft has opened up new Windows for Innovation in Teaching Learning applying 21st Century skills, as time passed by. Recognition became a motivation to explore new challenges and harnessing new ICT skills.